1.9 billion Ethereum transactions. Mapped into 12 understandable categories.

Hashless Transaction Interpreter. One simple API for every kind of transaction.
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Comprehensive, real-time transaction feeds for every wallet, contract and asset.

Retrieve every transaction that affects an Ethereum address — not just asset transfers and transaction initiations.
Hashless's unique understanding of smart contracts and deep transaction tracing let us pick up and correctly index every transaction, even for protocols that are literally brand new.
Table of transaction entries being displayed in a terminal.

No more custom mapping rules.

Hashless uses automatic code analysis and structural pattern matching to understand the intent of every transaction, with an over 90% match rate across all Ethereum transactions.
Every transaction gets a human-readable category with an itemized financial breakdown suitable for integration into your existing systems. Say goodbye to tedious decoding and ad-hoc reconciliation.
Illustration of a liquidity pool deposit transaction.

Ready for scale.

Hashless proactively captures, analyzes and indexes every transaction on Ethereum, using systems proven to scale to billions of queries per day.
Advanced analytical needs? Data warehouse sync available for enterprise customers. Query data on your terms, not ours.