The most comprehensive smart contract database on the planet.

The Hashless Contract Catalog API lets you understand every smart contract on Ethereum. See financial behaviors, technical attributes, names and provenance.
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Automatic decoding and analysis for every deployed protocol, contract and function. Works on closed-source too.

Smart contracts are the foundation for the on-chain economy. But trying to understand how they work and interact to power DeFi markets, NFT exchanges, and payments has been a nightmare.
Hashless indexes all 52+ million smart contracts deployed on Ethereum and uses bytecode analysis – not just developer-provided metadata – to map out their interaction patterns, technical properties, and risks.
Contract API response with 'label' and 'program' fields highlighted.

High quality names. No more guessing.

On or off-chain, you want to know who your counterparties are. Hashless uses automatic rules to provide names and protocol associations for the maximum number of contracts — not just developer-provided symbols or third-party token lists.
Contract API response with 'name', 'belongs_to', and 'category' fields highlighted.

Ready for scale.

Hashless proactively captures, analyzes and indexes every contract deployed on Ethereum, using systems proven to scale to billions of queries per day.
Advanced analytical needs? Data warehouse sync available for enterprise customers. Query data on your terms, not ours.